My Engine Lab

Let us help you access up to $7,000 in business support.

If you are an Auckland business, you could access up to $7,000 in business support using the new Activate Tāmaki Makaurau grant. Move fast and secure your opportunity to grow your business through a clear digital plan and dedicated digital marketing team to help you activate it!

You may be eligible for the following:

Marketing & Digital Advice, Strategy & Planning: Up to $3000

Marketing & Digital Implementations: up to $4000

Our team are ready work with you and help you secure your funding. 

Let us help you get back on your feet and accelerate growth

At My Engine Lab, we have experience delivering digital and content strategy workshops face-to-face as well as virtually to teams spread across different locations. We love working with hospitality, lifestyle, services and e-commerce brands to tailor a strategy that works within the capabilities of their internal resources.

We can also activate your strategy as we are a full-service agency with every form of content creator in-house and we are social media superstars. Other services include SEO optimisation, storytelling and video production, website and e-commerce development, Google Adwords, as well as media buying capabilities.

Need help putting your application together?

Our team will discuss what you need and guide you through the application process; it doesn’t take long and can be completed easily online.

Whether you want to create a digital marketing plan or refine an existing one, we can help you. We can refine your strategy and enable social media campaigns, Google Ads campaigns, level up your eCommerce site and lead generation funnels, optimise or refresh your website.

Click the link below to start the Business Support assessment process with Activate Tāmaki Makaurau. Or call Tracey Hennah on 027 447 9515 to find out how we can help you get started and accelerate the application process.