My Engine Lab


Word on the digital underground is that traditional PR as we know it will soon be positioned as a marketing tactic while the use of the PESO model (widely used by PR professionals but not so widely by marketers) will push further forward and take the lead.

If you’ve not been privy to the PESO model, I’m keen to help you understand how I use it and its’ methodologies to craft content strategy and campaigns.

Along with content clustering (a method to help you think about and plan out content topics and potential keywords), the PESO model integrates digital marketing, public relations, and content creation into a dynamic base that amplifies the impact of any marketing campaign.

If you want to build your brand awareness, rank higher in google search, earn and grow your authority online and drive authentic leads, it’s no longer enough to write a blog post, do a little keyword research and then slap them on the back end of a webpage.

As a digital marketing purest, I’m driven to get results organically – by earning them – and taking a “no-random-acts-of-content” approach.

If you’re interested in hearing a more step-by-step guide on this methodology, please watch this space.