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Website Analytics & Dashboards


Full Integration

With our Digital Marketing Reporting you will get integration of your data across all your digital platforms, SEO, social media, email system, ads, and insight software so you can clearly see the path of impact from your campaign. The Lab can connect to a breadth of data sources from social channels, web apps, SQL databases to even spreadsheets.

Track real-time results

Know exactly where you stand with your audience

When you work with us here at The Lab, we’ll provide you with detailed and easy to view reports so you know exactly what’s working and why.

Understand Your Campaign

Simple, powerful insights

View your monthly stats from Google analytics so you can see how your SEO campaign strategy is working.

Clear & Easy Dashboards

All your data in one place

Gain a clear view of your campaign in real-time. No more guessing games. Clearly understand how your campaign budget is creating results for you.

Automatic Updates at Your Fingertips

There’s no better way to strategise your digital takeover

Become fluent in the language of search engine optimisation, understand what is happening on your website, who are visitors and where they are coming from, what pages visitors find the most interesting, track conversions, see what are the key metrics and what you can do to improve. All that and much more information are part of our Digital Marketing Reports.

With our Digital Marketing Reporting, you will know exactly where to spend and why so you’re getting the most bang for your buck and your impact rapidly multiplies (along with your revenue!).

Find the perfect plan for
your business

Automated, real-time reporting.

The Lab can monitor just about anything using dynamic, real-time dashboards. Whether you’re looking to monitor site traffic and performance, social media engagements, PPC, page and campaign traffic, areas for SEO improvement we can build a dashboard with a view to your KPI’s.

Web Metrics

Real-time performance data

$ 29


A detailed overview of your website across multiple time periods.

  • Preset KPI's
  • Goal Completions & Conversions
  • Sessions & Users
  • Channel Performance
  • Top Pages
  • Browser Performance
  • Geo & Demo Report
  • Campaign Performance
  • Ecommerce Transactions
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Social Channels

Up to 6 Integrations

$ 49


How are you performing on social media? This dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of your social performance.

  • Monitor Social Channels
  • Preset KPI's
  • Likes & Followers
  • Impressions and Reach
  • Engagement Rate
  • Top Performing Posts
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Digital Marketing

Automated marketing analytics dashboards to power your reporting.

$ 59


With beautiful data visualisations in real-time, this plan gives you a full picture view of how your marketing efforts are performing and what success looks like.

  • Google Analytics Reports
  • Conversions
  • Click Through Rates
  • Organic search performance
  • Bounce rate
  • KPI's
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