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This is Apple TV+’s adaptation of the legendary Sci-Fi author Isaac Asimov’s series of books. An epic story across a galaxy, with production values out the wazoo, it feels like the first wave of a new Dune-on-tv category. There are lasers pew-pewing for science fiction fans and an update on hyperspace travel (WHUMP! It’s got a black hole onboard, innit?), but this might be closer to a PG-rated Game of Thrones than Star Wars.

Either way, they’ve definitely spent a fortune of imperial credits on the whole shebang. A great cast features Lee Pace as a mesmerising psychopathic Caligula-from-outer-space, and we could watch him wax diabolical all day. Now, some of us have dropped off as they felt it was a little, well, boring (in space, no-one can hear you yawn), but the feeling is that it’s a slow burn and four eps in, it’s certainly building.

Beware, Foundation comes with a threat-level FOMO warning: some of us remember a certain GOT being a little humdrum for the first couple of eps, and at its peak, for those who were out of the ‘Thrones’ loop, it was like being on another planet. That situation cannot again be risked. Standby, you know nothing John Snyooo….

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