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Interactive Content | What is it and how can it help you?

The online space is very competitive. With an ever-increasing number of businesses vying for online visibility and domination in search results, online marketers have their work cut out. The adage ‘content is king’, however, remains true. But what type of content are we talking about?

For long, one way communication where the audience is only expected to read or watch a piece of content was what most marketers focused on. But static content can only offer so much when it comes to engaging the consumer and subsequently getting them to act. Finding ways to get audiences emotionally invested in a piece of content leading to a positive interaction is the Holy Grail of content Writers. And they may have found it in interactive content.

If you have been spending a considerable amount of time online in the past few years, then you have surely come across interactive content. The frequent quizzes that pop up on Facebook or a social game available on the website of your favorite TV series are both examples of interactive content. Buzzfeed and The New York Times have been serving up interactive content to the audiences for some time now. Other companies are catching up to the idea and creating content that helps them form a connection with their key demography.

So, what exactly is interactive content? Simply put, any content that is designed to get audiences to take action by getting them to actively engage with it is interactive content. The audiences are rewarded with immediate and relevant results. Online quizzes, interactive infographics, assessments are some examples of interactive content. The type of interaction involved can be as simple as clicking to access more information, or answer a series of questions to assess or calculate something.

Interactive content relies on audience’s active participation, turning the interaction into a two way dialogue. It offers them more value by creating a personalized experience. It works because you are offering to lead the audience on journey at the end of which they will discover something relevant and important to them. It also appeals to the human need to compete, compare, and share. Each step in this content journey can be considered a form of conversion.

For the marketers, these interactions offer a rich source of information that shed light on their prospect’s goals and though process. They can then use this to create highly focused marketing plans.

Interactive content helps build brand awareness by offering personalised experiences through their brand. Because it is immersive in nature, audiences will spend more time consuming the content. This, in turn, will improve the time spent on site, conversions, and decrease bounce rate. The leads generated from different content campaigns will be more relevant.

Audiences have become more demanding. They expect tailor-made experience and interactive content caters to these expectations. The format it is delivered in can instantly grab attention, giving it an edge over static content. Due to its very nature, interactive content leads to higher rates of engagement. 

With interactive content, your business can stand apart from its competitor by offering experiences that are relevant and engaging.

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