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Interactive Content


Interactive content is King of the Castle.

Interactive content creates a two-way dialogue that connects your audience with your brand. The result is an engaging user experience that resonates with your prospects, attracts them, and keeps them with you for longer.

At The Lab, we create, publish, manage, and measure engaging interactive content including assessments, surveys, ROI calculators, interactive white papers, and more.

What is Interactive Content?

The holy grail of lead generation

Any content that is designed to get audiences to take action by getting them to actively engage with it is interactive content. The audiences are rewarded with immediate and relevant results. Online quizzes, interactive infographics, surveys, and assessments are some examples and the type of interaction can be as simple as clicking to access more information or answer a series of questions to assess or calculate something personalised.

Why does Interactive Content work?

An investment that pays for itself

Interactive content relies on two-way dialogue, offering more value by creating a personalised user experience. It works because you are offering to lead the audience on a journey at the end of which they will discover something relevant and important to them. It also appeals to the human need to compete, compare, and share. Each step in this content journey can be considered a form of conversion.  These interactions offer a rich source of data that sheds light on the prospect’s goals and thought process.   Golden insights for your next campaign.

How interactive can help your business?

Leave it to the pros to take care of your site

Because it is immersive in nature, audiences will spend more time consuming the content offering personalised brand experiences and awareness. This, in turn, improves time spent on site, conversions and more relevant leads. Audiences have become more demanding. They expect tailor-made experience and interactive content caters to these expectations. The format it is delivered in can instantly grab attention, giving it an edge over static content. Due to its very nature, interactive content leads to higher rates of engagement.

We develop interactive experiences across channels that engage audiences and easily scale your marketing efforts.

Give users something to click on.

We create interactive experience across a range of channels to truly engage your audience and easily scale your other marketing efforts.  Interactive content can be a game-changing approach for your business online. 

At The Lab we create, publish, manage, and measure engaging content including assessments, surveys, ROI calculators, interactive white papers, and more.

The online space has become very competitive, and it is becoming difficult to be heard in the cacophony, especially for small businesses. Interactive content can help cut through the noise by offering your users an experience they can actively participate in.

We create, publish, manage, and measure engaging content including assessments, surveys, ROI calculators, interactive white papers, and more. We then integrate the content into your CMS, social media pages, mobile, and more – with no IT or development support required.  We keep it super simple.

Leverage the power of two-way conversations online and help your business stand out in the crowd.

Want to make interactive

Map out your vision with us.

Let's spend some time mapping out your vision for interactive content so we can offer you a realistic estimate and get excited about what we can build.

You can get started with interactive content using more simple polling solutions, however, for a sophisticated platform that includes your branded, customisable look and feel, a range of content types and planning, and the ability to publish across your channels, you will need to allow a set monthly budget which we can walk through with you once we scope your project together. And remember, the sky’s the limit with interactive and we pride ourselves on making our client’s ideas happen.

Stand out in the noisy world of content marketing.