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Archer Communications

Angela Spain is a highly regarded PR and Marketing expert renowned for her ability to remain calm in a crisis, and lead her clients to safety with her practical and intuitive approach to corporate comms and brand issues.


Archer Communications


Brand Identity, Website,
Social Design


2020 & 2021


After becoming somewhat disillusioned by the big agency approach to PR and Comms, Angela decided to branch out and form her own consultancy. The issue was, she was starting from scratch and had to prove to the large clients she’d dealt with that they didn’t need the big agency infrastructure that often gives clients a degree of security.

The Solution

We worked closely with Angela to develop a clear and succinct brand essence. Once this was on point, we entered into creative development including; naming, logo design and positioning tagline. We then created a visual identity system to bring the newly developed brand strategy to life through a range of applications including; website, collateral and social design.

Services Delivered


  • Brand essence and tagline
  • Exploration of graphic territories
  • Development of visual identity system

Identity Design

  • Logo
  • Colour palette and typography
  • Image Starter Library
  • Style Guidelines


  • Website design, build and test
  • Social Media channel design
  • Business Card
  • Email Signature design