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Fresh Perspective

​​For owners and senior executives of privately owned businesses, Fresh Perspective enables highly effective business results and accountability through the application of 12 proven processes across Owner Clarity, Governance, Leadership, Funding Strategy, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Customer Experience, Brand and Sales. They care about the owners and start with them, tailoring the process work and solutions around what the owners want to achieve. Their customers benefit from faster, better, less stressful results and accountability for results in their business.


Fresh Perspecitve


Ecommerce, Brand




At a new stage in their business, they needed to leverage the IP they have built to scale up and make their service available to a broader market. So, our biggest challenge was creating an experience to connect FP effectively with customers online. How can we take what has made Fresh Perspective successful in the offline world and the online world?

The Solution

A platform to deliver the processes making their IP/products available to business owners through an eCommerce website, allowing them to purchase and self-facilitate.  Beginning with an MVP and simple solution to set them on a journey of learning, as a way of evolving the platform in stages to reach their ultimate customer offering and experience.

Services Delivered

  • Brand Essence Development
  • Brand Visual Identity
  • Website Design and Build –  Stage 1 MVP.