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Good Feeding

Good Feeding is an exciting new entrant in the infant health and wellness sector. For parents, caregivers and healthcare professionals Good Feeding provides the latest resources, science-backed information and trusted guidance through its online Resource Centre. Good Feeding offers a simple step-by-step feeding program supported by its Go Well food brand that is supplied direct to consumers, on subscription. 

With a head office in New Zealand and launching throughout the United States, Good Feeding is committed to creating a sustainable business to help raise a healthier global population, fighting the good fight against childhood obesity.


Good Feeding


Brand, Content, Social & SEO


2020 –  Present


integrated launch campaign and assets with Our challenge was to create a brand, its assets, customer experience and channel engagement to empower parents to “Food Parent” and raise children with healthy eating preferences and a positive relationship with food.

We did this by developing an integrated campaign approach and leveraging and optimising all critical channels in the ecosystem (Science, Health Professionals, Food Production, Food Supply, Customer Experience).

One of our first deliverables was to build a robust and deeply layered content strategy to act as the road map when building the educational resource centre goodfeeding,com.  Alongside that, we create brand assets and content to distribute across multiple channels and set in motion a robust SEO strategy and monthly plan to build domain authority and promote the platform organically in search.

The foundation social media strategy and content as well as production of assets were created for launch as well as a robust recruitment campaign to drive sign up to the Go Well Pilot program.

The Solution

Launched an integrated marketing campaign across traditional, social and digital media to reach as many potential customers and hit their target demographics. 

Created and launched an educational and content-rich resource centred with full site search functionality and Custom-built user dashboards within the HubSpot platform.  Delivering unique and personalised weekly content to users on the subscription program.

The Result

  • Over 100K site visits
  • Domain Authority 20
  • Social Media following established
  • 3.6K Database Contacts
  • 5K Resource Downloads


Compassion, social return on investment via a global, thought provoking correlation by indicating a scalable & visionary compelling growth state.