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This is an example of work our Creative Director, Dan Martin, has made in collaboration with, or as part of a team –  with the best in the business, including Blacksand, Pead PR and many others. Stand by for what’s next with My Engine Lab!

We're Lugtons, we're local

The story of Lugton’s brand, told by the real people making inspiring life-changing decisions about their most important purchase, their home.




Content, Brand Video




Dan Martin


Connie Buchannan


Rich Parsonson


Julian Dyson

Dept. of Post, Sound mix

Roger Green


Lugton’s needed to stand out from their dusty and old-fashioned real estate competitors with a fresh and progressive message.


For every sale, every home, every deal, there is an emotional story of family, of people with big aspirations, or in life-changing moments.  All these stories add up to what makes the local area special. 

No one knows these stories better than Lugtons, and they have been part of many of them. We went to the heart of their customers, from all backgrounds, ages and situations. Together all their stories add up to the sum total of Lugtons’ vast depth of knowledge of, and connection to, the people who make up Hamilton and the Waikato. 

The customers’ engaging stories became a testament to Lugtons’ experience, skills and service.


A suite of emotional and energetic video content invigorated their business with a human-centered set of authentic stories. The content created a vastly improved level of engagement on their digital channels, and organically grew their SEO performance.