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Recruitment Studio’s aim is to provide a stress-free, positive recruitment environment driven by quality and open communication.  They believe in honesty, quality and putting people first. Whether it’s by nurturing client relationships or installing confidence in their candidates; being face to face with their people is imperative.


Recruitment Studio


Brand, Digital Marketing, Social


2019 – Present



The recruitment market is highly competitive and highly stigmatised in New Zealand and our client sought to bring the: “Human face” back to recruitment. Their challenge was to instigate this culture from the get-go and break down the stigma behind recruiters and the industry in general. By global standards recruitment here is a small market with a small target pool and a high number of competing agencies so differentiation was crucial.


My Engine Lab’s solution involved a full-service, four-pronged approach: Branding & Strategy, Campaign Planning, Social Media Strategy, and Website Development. We provide

  • ongoing marketing,
  • communications and strategy to the Recruitment Studio team,
  • acting as an extension of their team,
  • helping to plan and then execute everything digital.

We developed a comprehensive, highly integrated and industry-fresh approach to their brand and digital marketing. By successfully marrying the more traditional personalised marketing of yesteryear with an impressive digital marketing strategy and fresh, engaging and humanised brand. We focussed on putting ‘Human’ at the very heart of their business and consistent across all touchpoints and channels.

Human at the heart of all touchpoints.

We developed a visually appealing and highly effective website and social media content that highlights their human element and positions them as experts. From all assets, they have driven leads through unique and interesting content providing excellent career guidance to candidates. Regular communication via email newsletters complements their social media activity and thought leadership.


In under one-year Recruitment Studio doubled its revenue with the client base expanding by 80%. Staff numbers also increased by 70% to match the rapid growth and continue high levels of service. The success of the marketing in driving awareness of the brand was highlighted in February 2020 when the popular reality BBC Show: “Wanted Down Under” invited Recruitment Studio onto their set.

Daily website visits have grown by over 100% for the first quarter of 2020 as compared to the quarter of 2019. In April 2020 average daily visits peaked at 2,500.

Another notable success has been the expansion into recruiting for several of their existing client’s Australian operations as well as successfully winning a new Australian-based client.

Organic growth from existing clients increased by 20%. Client recommendations have also led to picking up a new Australian-based client and talks with Asian subsidiaries.