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The Good Luck Coconut

The Good Luck Coconut is a tiki bar in the heart of Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter. The atmosphere, the people, the tiki bar cocktails and the tasty Pacific & Asian-inspired sharing menu are what they are best known for.




Social Media, Content


2020 & 2021


The Good Luck Coconut is operating in a competitive Auckland restaurant category. They needed a largely organic social media strategy to help them achieve the following:

  • Attract group bookings
  • Promote events
  • Encouraging social proof through recommendations 
  • Build industry recognition.

The Solution

Our main objectives were to diversify customer streams to account for reduced foot traffic, with a focus on event and function promotion and to be famous for their Tiki Bar cocktails. We achieved this by creating a unified brand presence through design, and a humorous brand voice with regular targeted content.

  • Instagram and Facebook copy and hashtag research
  • Instagram and Facebook designs
  • Food Photography

The Result

We create and publish a monthly social media calendar that not only encourages brand recognition but drives customers into the restaurant for specials and to experience the menu.