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Every parent has thought this: did my creepy-looking son stab and kill that boy found dead in the park? Even though Santa was watching? You’d hope not, and thus the intrinsic conundrum of the narrative is set. Captain America can’t […]


So what are the whales thinking about? Are they just bendy-bus-sized krill-obsessed tubes of feeding blubber? Do they have a laugh, scattering seahorses with their massive built-in underwater air-horns? Actually, it appears they have a complex intelligence, evidenced by their […]


On discovering the first promotions for The Morning Show, our first thoughts were strictly “meh”. However, the novelty of Apple’s first big flagship show dragged us into the premiere, and there’s been no looking back. It’s a perfectly executed glossy […]


Executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan, who either makes the best film you’ve seen in ages or unforgivable nonsense – with nothing in between, Servant is a slow burn psychological horror that kept us hooked. A common Horror trope is […]