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Every town across the world should have a statue of author Maragret Atwood, with “I told you so” written across the plinth. As one of our favourite authors, she creates future worlds that act as an incisive analysis of our present day. The Handmaid’s Tale imagines the having devolved into a fascist Christian state where women have no rights. I know preposterous, huh? This is an excellently made show, beautiful, riveting, emotional and brutal in equal measure. The always good Elisabeth Moss stars, perhaps drawing on her personal life as a Scientologist as an insight into cults. This show has in our opinion not one, but three of TV’s greatest villains: Aunt Lydia and Commander Waterford are fiends, but both are eclipsed by his sadistic and sociopathic wife, Serena. If you like a good shout at the TV, tune in.

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