My Engine Lab

Content Marketing

Do away with random acts of content.
Through engaging content marketing we can build brand awareness and cultivate long standing relationships with your audience.

We create humanised content to educate customers, empower brands, and market products & services.

At My Engine Lab, we develop unique engaging content marketing that builds awareness and cultivates advocacy. From creative copywriting, engaging photography, to social and full-length video spots, our passion is storytelling and we truly believe it all starts with great content. Our goal is to develop a content lifecycle that is a quality lead generation engine. We don’t just drive traffic — we set the framework for your sustained growth and increased ROI.

Video, Photography & Storytelling

We know the effect that video has on your customers’ perception of your brand. Our video campaigns allow you to own your narrative, foster engagement, and spark interactive conversations across multiple touchpoints. From scripting and storyboarding to final production, we work as a partner to ensure the best projects are executed and delivered.

We do:
  • Branded Content
  • TV Spots
  • Documentary Video Series
  • Business Stories
    • Product Explainers
    • Client Testimonials
    • Team Culture

Long & Short-form Copywriting

We can’t ignore the power of a two-way conversation and building trusting relationships with our audience. Well-crafted, relevant content will help do that. From developing and creating verbal and tone of voice guidelines to writing copy for social media posts, blogs, emails, apps, brand books, websites, event materials and whitepapers, our team of talented writers and aestheticians curate and craft engaging content while you sleep.

Creative Direction, Concept & Design

Whether you’re developing a new brand, concepting a new campaign, building a new website, or bringing an idea to market, proper Creative Direction and Creative leadership can be a key differentiator in bringing your ideas to life and helping to drive brand awareness across your project from start to finish. Our creative team is all about content with craft.

Omni Channel Content

We can leverage every platform to engage the most relevant audiences and tap into emerging ones. TikTok, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Youtube, and Twitter hold the key to connecting you with your customers.

Our team merges creativity with data to capture the attention of your audience and meet them with the right ad at the right time.

Exploring the intersections
between brand,
technology, and digital marketing.

Deciding which content we are going to develop and how we are going to distribute it is essential. We develop your Content Bank – (the materials that support your strategy ) in preparation to distribute to specific target market audiences across variable channels.

Amplifying the content on the channels that make the most sense for the campaign goals and building backlinks to your main digital property to increase SEO and discoverability.

All wrapped around robust content measures to ensure we understand the overall success and key outcomes of your content activities.