We put our heart in to everything we do and partner with you as if your business is our own.

Exploring the intersections
between brand,
technology and digital marketing.

My Engine Lab can help you throughout your digital journey. We partner with you to help you understand your customers better – and build the right experiences to serve them. 

We can engage in any phase of your project. It doesn’t matter if you have an idea or business in its infancy and need help growing it, or you have a working product that needs fine-tuning.

Growth & Strategy

We work with you to define your vision, design a strategy and improve your business outcomes.

Whether it’s for an individual campaign or a year-long project, we will create a social, content and marketing strategy that delivers the right messages in the right places. There’s no need for time-wasting random acts of content and wasted marketing dollars when you have a strategy and a clear road map.

Branding, Digital & Amplification

We understand what’s required to stand out in a busy marketplace, to get the kind of engagement that sells and to communicate your brand on an emotive level. We help you identify, articulate and execute digital opportunities through digital marketing that increase your edge in your industry or market.

Our combination of creative digital marketing and passion for branding and aesthetics means we work to create deep connections between your brand and your audience delivering impressive ROI.

Technology & Development

With a robust skillset our development teams tackle technology projects of all sizes.  Putting users first is our sole priority in building successful e-commerce platforms.

We design and implement improvements to drive up adoption and serve your customers better.

We design functional interfaces for an aesthetically pleasing digital presence that helps tell your story and boost brand and sales performance.

Content & Social Media

Today’s marketing ecosystem serves up a complex web of digital and physical experiences for users. It’s essential to adapt your content to work everywhere your audience might be. Whether it’s traditional television, social networks, a Google ad or a random conversation with a digital chatbot, we’re here to help you define those touchpoint opportunities and create engaging content.

We take a strategic approach to content that provides ongoing testing, reporting, and optimisation.

Monthly Impressions

The company we keep

The heart
behind our work

We are a friendly group of creative, smart people, anchored in New Zealand but spread across the world, focussed on doing great work and getting results.

Our Values


Nurture creativity

This is at the heart of what we do and shows our commitment to all our work and is the foundation of our team and our partnerships.


Be curious

We never settle for the obvious, easy, or convenient. We explore the world around us and infuse that into our work.


Be real

When we talk, we are clear and direct and when we listen, we are attentive and empathetic. We love feedback and communication to create trusted partnerships.


Do you

Great work happens when everyone is empowered to be their full self, whether that is loud, quiet, weird or wild. Whatever is unique to them. All are welcome.


Show respect

We respect each other, the work, our clients, our boundaries – always. Through respect, we build trust and demonstrate our commitment.


Embrace change

Change is the one constant in our industry. We embrace it, see everything new as an opportunity, and value resilience in how we move forward.

Starting out? Plans to grow? We’re only a chat away.